The Journey

It’s not an easy journey,
but in the end the view is incredible

The path already exists; the footprints are in the snow. It’s just a question of taking the first step toward the summit. Our business guides are here to help you take that step, and all of the next ones, too.

Our Executive & Business Coaching Program

With your Pinnacle Business Guide as your executive coach, analyze your situation, plan your strategy, and attend weekly tactical meetings. Kick off your journey with an intensive 2-day basecamp, then attend our quarterly and annual business summits.

The Pinnacle principle

People + Purpose + Playbooks + Perform = Profit


The people you take the journey with are more important than any destination. Choose your team wisely.


Set yourself apart from the crowd. Emphasize what makes you different, and get a firm handle on your vision and goals.


Develop a strategy for getting from point A (where you are now) to point B (the summit). Devise methods to make it happen; create a structure and clearly-defined roles for every player on the team.


A strategy is useless without action. Stick to the playbook and strive for improvement, even if it’s slow going at first. Ultimately, only you have the power to make it happen.


It doesn’t happen overnight, but after a period of consistent hard work, there will come a time when you can simply enjoy the view. Our goal is to get you there.

Choose your guide

Build and execute your plan weekly

Reach your summit

The Journey Before Us

Your journey to the summit requires patience and an ability to play the long game. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. You’ll need to keep your goals in mind and focus on putting your best foot forward every step of the way.

Milestones & Markers: your path to Success with Pinnacle

Milestones for executive coaching service and business coaching program led by Pinnacle Business Guides
Base Camp Day One


  1.  The Journey
  2. WHO First?
  3. Culture Codified: Core Values
  4. Trends, Strengths & Weaknesses
  5. Strength Test Your Strategy
  7. “Scramble” Rocks
  8. Meeting Structures—Standup
  9. Next steps and clear expectations
  10. Head out as one team starting an amazing journey together
Base Camp Day Two


  1. Catch Up
  2. Scramble Rocks DUE Today
  3. WHO Next Steps
  4. Culture Codified
  5. Strength Test our Strategy… Next Level
  6. Purpose: Why we exist
  7. Finalize The PINNACLE
  8. Milestones 3-5 Years Out
  9. One Year Growth Plan
  10. FAST Rocks to First Summit
  11. WIN The Week! Scoreboard
  12. Meeting Structure Tactical-Weekly
  13. Head out as one team on an amazing
    journey to our FIRST SUMMIT!
Quarterly Lookout


  1. Catch Up
  2. Rock Accountability
  3. Check on Previous Climbing Tools
  4. After Action Review
  5. New Climbing Tools: Exactly what you need today.
  6. Rope-UP to our PINNACLE Strategy
    & Plan
  7. Quarterly Rocks to next Summit FAST
  8. Meeting Structures
  9. All Hands
  10. The List
  11. Team Health Training & Conditioning
  12. Head out aligned to our NEXT SUMMIT!
Annual Summit


  1. Deep dive on previous year.
  2. Annual Plan & Quarterly Rock Accountability
  3. Challenge Strategic Vision & Plan
  4. Tighten up the Strategy
  5. Annual Talent Assessment
  6. Meeting Structures Next Level
  7. Gear Up NEW Climbing Tools
  8. Team Health Training & Conditioning
  9. Higher Level Thinking on Next Year’s Growth
  10. Quarterly Rocks to next Summit FAST
  11. Scoreboard Adjustments “Win the Week”
  12. The List
  13. Break camp, head out aligned to NEXT SUMMIT!