Jason Rothfuss

Based in Omaha, NE

Serving Nebraska & Iowa

Favorite Quote

“Being in business is hard, without structure it’s harder than it needs to be”

– Keith J. Cunningham

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I am driven by the belief that every person is on this earth for a reason. And, there is no time to waste if you want to make an impact.

I spent 25 years in management ranging from marketing, technology, healthcare, and banking, and have come to realize that every business has the same frustrations. Frankly most of them revolve around getting a clear purpose and clear communication between people.

You have heard it said, “The best type of leader is one that is self-aware.” That is true of businesses as well. The best type of business is one that is self-aware.

I help self-aware leaders create self-aware businesses. Businesses that are healthy, know where they fit in the world, and where they are going. Then I help them get there faster – there is no time to waste.

My wife and I have 6 kids (3 biological and 3 through adoption) 2 of them have graduated college and are now out in the world making an impact. I graduated from the University of Nebraska, and more recently graduated from being an EOS Implementer® (if you’ve graduated from EOS™ let’s talk about what is next!). I am a Certified Working Genius Coach and I specialize in technology, healthcare, and service organizations.