Rachel Nelson

Based in Texas

also serving Tennessee
and open to travel Nationally and Internationally

Favorite Quote:

“Action without vision is only passing time. Vision without action is merely daydreaming. But vision with action can change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

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Helping faith-driven leaders create greater impact.


Rachel helps leaders articulate vision that inspires action. She then works with teams to craft a compelling mission, uncover deeply held values, and translate those into winning strategies with plans for accountability across an organization.

Her career started with the launch of a business during college, and its sale a couple years after graduation. She stayed on retainer as a consultant, catalyzing the next phase of her career, working with over 40 CEOs of organizations ranging from single-person startups launching their product or service into the national or international marketplace, to companies with over 400 employees preparing for a liquidity event.

For each she has been a partner in bringing their big vision to life, offering brand development, market strategy, and a dedicated focus on execution that leads to incredible results


In 2008, Rachel moved with her family to Bali, Indonesia, continuing her work remotely while collaborating with international teams spanning the US, Asia, and Europe. In 2012 Rachel launched Her Worth, a passion project at the intersection of business, faith, and women’s economic empowerment. That year she was invited to Haiti to speak to a group of single mothers who had resorted to prostitution to feed themselves and their children. This opened her eyes to the most prevalent factor making women vulnerable to human trafficking around the world: extreme poverty. What started as a passion project turned into a personal mission to help create economic opportunity for women whose lives depend on it.

In 2015 Rachel entered Seminary and completed her Masters in Ministry Leadership. Upon graduation she stepped into the role of Executive Director of Freedom Business Alliance, a global nonprofit and network of over 100 businesses that exist to create safe employment for survivors of human trafficking. She currently serves as Global Ambassador for FBA, continuing to support and advise the organization and its member businesses.

Rachel has seen firsthand the power of business to create incredible impact in the lives of entrepreneurs, employees, communities, and the world. She invites you to book a Discovery Call to explore working together.