Steve Ragan

Based in Ohio

serving surrounding states & open to travel nationally

Favorite Quote

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

– Walt Disney
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The greatest accomplishment I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of is the development of Team Ragan. Team Ragan started on June 27, 1998 with the marriage to my wonderfully supportive bride Diana, followed five years later with the birth of our son Noah and the birth of our daughter Amelia three years after that. To say I am blessed is an understatement! I share this first because the love and support of this team allows me to do what I love to do, helping leadership teams (and their respective businesses) grow larger and faster than they ever thought possible.

With nearly thirty years of diverse business consulting, organization and leadership development, and performance management experience, I am a seasoned executive and visionary leader. My deep-rooted passion for coaching and mentoring has led me to channel my expertise into my becoming a Pinnacle Business Guide.

I have held leadership various leadership positions in Sales, Human Resources and the Executive Suite where I served as President. I’ve successfully led strategic planning and performance management initiatives, steering these companies towards stronger competitive positions and profitability.

My passion for coaching is deeply ingrained in my experience as a consultant and sales trainer. My philosophy revolves around creating a culture of accountability and execution, an approach that has been instrumental in increasing the effectiveness of numerous organizations’ management teams and overall organizational effectiveness.

I hold a Masters degree in Organization Development from Bowling Green State University and a BA in Organizational Management from Tiffin University. These academic credentials, combined with my hands-on experience, provide me with a unique perspective on business challenges and opportunities.

Now, as a business coach with Pinnacle, I am committed to using my wealth of knowledge to guide entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporate teams to their peak performance. My approach is hands-on, customized, and results-oriented, focusing on both the strategic and the tactical aspects of business operations.

Choosing me as your business coach means gaining a partner who is committed to your success, a strategist who can foresee and navigate market trends, and a mentor who can cultivate the best in your leadership team. I’m excited to guide you and your business towards your pinnacle of success.