Eric Kuefler

Based in Grapevine, TX

– open to travel nationally

Favorite Quote

“Make your future bigger than your past.”

– Dan Sullivan

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Eric Kuefler has founded multiple businesses throughout his career, and his passion for helping companies multiply their success has been his driving force.

In 2012, Eric began implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) at KS2. With the help of an EOS implementer, he successfully transitioned ownership in 2016, transforming it from a lifestyle business to a market-leading and intellectual property generating business. He also became a Professional Integrator, serving as a fractional integrator for those wanting to self-implement. Eric also is part of Strategic Coach’s 10x program with active mentoring and workshops.

His coaching journey led him to start EntreMultipliers, which helps entrepreneurs multiply their success by integrating different frameworks and methodologies with processes and systems.   Eric realized that there are multiple ways to help businesses grow, and he believes that “best of breed” works best for his clients. He joined Pinnacle Business Guides after researching multiple options and found that it had the most complete set of tools, capabilities, coupled with an outstanding community of Guides that have been there and “get it.”

Eric is actively seeking and serving an exclusive set of clients who want to multiply something in their life or business, which he refers to as their “X.” This could be a 2x, 5x, 10x, 100x growth in revenue, profits, or impact. However, many times, you cannot reach the pinnacle without first mastering yourself.

The primary problem that Eric focuses on solving is getting leadership teams focused and on the same page to perform at a higher level than they had previously thought possible. He has helped several companies achieve their goals and multiply their success.

When he’s not leading and guiding, Eric is a lifelong learner and growth seeker. He is a husband and father of two college-aged kids and loves all things sports and outdoors. Currently, he is training for the challenge in August. He has also authored “Enterprise Excel: Leverage Excel and APIs to Unlock Your Enterprise Data” on Amazon, which is a testament to his expertise in software and management.