Brian Alexander

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also serving Georgia and willing to travel nationally


Life Built by Design

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Brian Alexander has gained a unique breadth of experience over the past 20 years in many arenas’ including being top 10% individual contributor at a Fortune 30 company, starting his own business from the ground up as an entrepreneur, business coaching for entrepreneurs, building sales teams to scale companies.

He was shaped and molded by his experiences in each and it led him to his ultimate passion of helping visionary leaders build, scale, and grow their companies and team members.

Having unlocked the code for himself and those around him, he has now made it his life’s work to share it with the world and help every man, woman and child find and express their own unique genius within.

He helps leaders build winning teams. His focus is on helping companies build a culture of self-awareness.

Brian is a father of two beautiful daughters and lucky to be married to the love of his life. He focuses on a life built by design for himself and helps leaders and CEOs do the same.