Stephen Halonen

Based in Minnesota

also serving North Dakota, Montana,
and open to travel nationally

Favourite Quote

“The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters.”

– Conrad Anker

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What challenges are slowing you down, or wearing you out, and preventing you from achieving your best life? Are you challenged with thin profit margins, variable revenues, turnover, operational stresses, or overwhelming uncertainty? Or perhaps things are going ok – not exceptional, and you would like to climb faster with greater profits?

I’ve been there… My journey spans 20+ years of experience in Owner, CEO, and President roles; creating and scaling businesses, both as an entrepreneur and professional executive. I’ve experienced the joys of amazing summits and the challenges of navigating grueling valleys, while growing and appreciating each climb on the journey.

Early in my journey, I learned what has got us to where we are, won’t get us to where we want to go. This epiphany inspired me to become a student of leadership and business operating systems. I’ve invested the past 12+ years implementing and optimizing custom applications of EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) in companies I have led. Through my unique experience of both implementing and leading companies running on business operating systems, I’ve learned one-size-fits-all systems produce average results. To become a category of one organization, a custom, curated approach is invaluable. My journey and experience led me to become a certified Pinnacle Business Guide.

Now, my passion is helping business owners and leadership teams climb faster than they ever thought possible, while increasing energy, having fun, elevating others, and accelerating profits. The leaders who work with me:

    • Are committed to creating and achieving their Pinnacle
    • Want to empower others and create a leadership abundance around themselves
    • Desire to set and consistently achieve goals
    • Won’t settle for less than winning in all areas of their life, achieving balance and fulfillment

I’m prepared and eager to climb with you. In working with me, you’ll find I’m an amazing listener, a collaborator, transparent, committed, and eager to strategically tackle the next summit. I’m quick to share my vast real-world business leadership experiences, with humbleness and humility. Together, we will build the organization you envision, providing you the freedom to live your best life.

Are you ready for transformative growth? Let’s connect and plan our climb to your Pinnacle.