Jackie Vick

Based in Minnesota

also serving Wisconsin, Iowa
and open to travel Nationally

Favorite Quote:

A winner is a dreamer that never gives up.”

– Unknown

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Guiding you on the path that turns your passion into prosperity.

Jackie Vick, a seasoned professional and dynamic business coach, is known for her distinctive approach to transformative coaching. Her unwavering commitment to empowering leadership teams and business owners is fueled by her passion and dedication.

Central to Jackie’s methodology is the importance of fostering genuine relationships. She believes that progress arises from authentic connections and trust. This conviction motivates her to cultivate strong relationships with her clients, empowering them to do the same with their teams. Paired with Pinnacle’s diverse set of tools, this approach results in a tailored framework crafted for each leadership team’s unique needs.

Jackie focuses on strengthening the fundamental aspects of businesses to facilitate growth. By helping to establish robust processes, standards, and culture, she cultivates the roots of success, ensuring that her clients exceed even their highest aspirations. With Jackie’s guidance, businesses are fortified from the ground up, and elevate to new heights. Get in touch with Jackie today to begin your path to success!