Erica Roberts

Based in Wisconsin

also serving Illinois
and open to travel nationally

Guiding Principle:

Better Business + Better Team = Better Life
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Erica is the inVantage Operating Partner-2IC and Certified Pinnacle Guide. inVantage, is a company founded by Kelly Renz, also a Certified Pinnacle Guide, to create an environment where business owners and leaders can realize and reach their potential, fully embracing that a better business + better team = better life.

Erica’s 25+ year career in executive leadership in human capital and industrial operations has allowed her to lead in various environments. From manufacturing and distribution to financial services, Erica’s innate determination for better results has driven her passion for aligning a business’s value to talent, leadership, execution, and financial strength. She knows the stresses and challenges of business and all the competing demands. Often, the coach, she has focused on helping leaders worldwide improve their business units.

Erica has never been comfortable with ‘staying in her lane,’ and her drive to align talent to strategy has had her walking in lockstep with owners, CEOs, and Presidents as they look to grow their businesses. Erica became a Certified Pinnacle Business Guide because she enjoys working with executives to get more of what they want from their businesses. As a former client, she knows the organizational success that can be achieved from implementing the Pinnacle® principles. Now a Guide on this journey, Erica looks forward to working with clients to provide the foundation, tools, and teaching for leadership teams to reach the Pinnacle of their unique mountain.inVantage Business Guides live the core values with every client:

    • Live Fully and Tackle the Climb
    • Benevolent Connectors of People
    • Abundance Minded
    • Say It, Do It