Zack Tomlin

Based in North Carolina

also serving VA and open to travel nationally

Favorite Quote

“I don’t know where we are are going, but I know exactly how to get there”
                       – Boyd Varty

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(919) 867-9076
We can pretend we control outcomes. We do not. What we can control is the intensity of our effort, the expansiveness of our thinking, and the thoughtfulness of our decisions. When those are done at a high level, good things happen.

I know, I am a professional engineer who has taken on all sorts of difficult problems. I also spent twelve years as the sole founder and owner of a small business. The daily drive to improve and to execute at an ever greater level is what consistently led to success.

I also know what it is like to have the desire to improve one’s business meet the reality of limited time, limited energy, and limited ideas. My purpose is to overcome these challenges by providing an outside resource to help you improve your business.

If you are looking for someone to help you and your business perform at a high level, by improving what we can control (and working like hell at it), then let’s talk. Good things will happen.