Justin Shaffer

Based in Pennsylvania

also serving Maryland
and open to travel nationally

Favourite Quote

“Learning is really about translating knowing what to do into doing what we know. It’s about changing. If we have not changed we have not learned.”

– John G. Miller

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I am deeply committed to guiding my clients towards surpassing their perceived limits by navigating them through the stages of discovery, diligence, and practical application, ultimately propelling them to reach new heights of success. Drawing from my experience as a military officer, I have honed the essential skills of leading teams in demanding environments, fostering both physical and mental resilience, nurturing individual growth, and refining processes to cultivate unwavering trust among team members, all in pursuit of shared objectives.

Since transitioning from the Army in 2019, I have forged impactful partnerships with numerous C-level executives, collaborating closely to delineate, evaluate, and articulate the desired outcomes of their digital transformation endeavors. Central to my coaching philosophy are teamwork, accountability, and structured processes, which have consistently underpinned my approach across diverse contexts – from executing helicopter operations at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to orchestrating international deployments, and to engaging with executives to harmonize technology with strategic business imperatives.

Our journey towards your organizational objectives will be marked by diligent effort and celebrated achievements at each milestone. The time is ripe for us to galvanize your team and commence our ascent towards success. Together, let’s embark on this exhilarating climb.