Anthony Macleod

Based in Arizona

also serving Tennesse & open to traveling nationally


“I believe in the incredible power of entrepreneurs to address daunting problems and create positive change in their communities.”

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Raised in a small business:
Growing up with parents who ran a small business, I witnessed firsthand the sacrifices and hurdles involved in building a company. I even started my first business while still in high school.

Learned what makes certain companies worth more than others:
Early in my career, I worked closely with entrepreneurs looking to sell their businesses or find the perfect next partner. I learned what made certain companies more valuable than others, and how to help our clients achieve that same outcome.

Took the leap to start a company:
In 2017, fueled by the lessons from my autistic twin brother, Nick, and my professional journey, I started Ally Pediatric Therapy, a company focused on helping children with autism. The path wasn’t always easy and up and to the right. I’ve lived the challenges of leading a growing team…worrying about cash, people, and plenty of other obstacles along the way.

But we turned those growing pains into catalysts for learning and growth, propelling the company to expand to seven locations and over 250 team members.

Pinnacle was our cheat code:
Throughout this journey, the guidance of a skilled coach and the implementation of the EOS and Pinnacle frameworks played pivotal roles in our growth. Pinnacle was our cheat code!

Our achievements were recognized with some awards, such as being named twice to the Phoenix Business Journal’s Best Places to Work list, twice making the Inc 5000 list, and I was even recognized on the Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list. But through it all, I most enjoyed seeing my team thrive and grow in their careers and as people.

Successful sale and the start of Higher Peak:
In 2022, we recognized the value we had created and successfully sold a majority of the business. Now, I’m helping entrepreneurs like you achieve clarity, overcome obstacles, and bring your vision to life.