Tom Doll

Based in Bellingham, Washington

also serving Oregon and willing to travel Western US

Favorite Quote

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

― Phil Jackson

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If you were to describe your desired future for your business, your management team, and your personal life, what would it look like? What obstacles stand in the way of your vision? What’s the cost of keeping things the way they are?

Our potential working together is about getting you what you want to grow, keep, or potentially transition your business in the future. Our primary focus in coaching together will be to work on five key pillars of your business yielding growth in four strategic areas of value. You’re here because you know there’s a better way.

I am passionate about coaching business leaders and their teams. Experiencing the triumphs of world-class culture and the despair suffered at the hands of dysfunctional leadership teams, there is only one right way. I’ve worked in multiple industries, led a tech start-up through multiple funding rounds, helped take a company public, supported a 9-figure restructuring, and sold to F-500 retail accounts at the corporate level. I’ve walked alongside family business owners, their children, and their spouses.

You won’t find me trying to sell you my coaching and advisory expertise. We’ll work together when you invite me in to guide you through an amazing, business-building, personally liberating experience. It will be because you’re convinced your future is brighter than your past and you’ll be ready to hire a coaching partner to guide, teach, and facilitate a proven process for you and your team. Working together, you’ll build a cohesive leadership team committed to your core values, clarify your strategy, and inspire a culture of accountability so your vision can become a reality.

I am a Certified Pinnacle Business Guide and a Certified Exit Planning Advisor. I will help you eliminate confusion, execute with confidence, and enjoy your business again.