Mitch Lewandowski

Based in Atlanta, GA

Also serving Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee

Favorite Quote

“If you ask for a continent of two,

you didn’t do so bad.”

  • Mitch Lewandowski, 1982
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Companies bring me in when they want to be in a “Category of One” in their industry. With over 30 years of leadership and ownership experience, I’ve come to love growing people, companies, and impacting the lives that each of them touches.

I’ve been called a coach, guide, mentor, cheerleader, even Tinkerbell (there is a story to tell about the pixie dust)! Regardless of what my clients call me, I help them come up with a plan, create trust and accountability, and take them to the top.

Easy? Heck no. Journeys like these never are. But this will forever change your lives and the lives of those around you.

Let’s climb!