Gregory Cleary

Based in Greater Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

also serving Naples, FL

Favorite Quote

“The people on the top of mountain didn’t fall there!”

– Anonymous

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I want to be a trusted advisor and Coach the leadership team to achieve better results. In 2010 I became one of the first Certified EOS Implementers® and implemented EOS with 149 Companies in the Twin Cities before leaving the community as the #1 EOS Implementer (measured by number of sessions & revenue). Over a 150 EOS Implementers have made the journey to Minneapolis to attend Greg’s Sales Mastery Boot Camp.

I really love “Coaching” my clients to the summit of their mountain! The climb should be enjoyable with regular celebrations as milestones are achieved and the leaders reach new heights. With the wrong approach, the climb can easily become a disaster. I founded Pinnacle Business Guides because my clients wanted and needed additional tools on Strategy, Sales, Profits, Hiring, and Leadership. They needed additional tools to keep growing and for the Leadership Team to get to the next level. There is not one ounce of theory here.

I will give you the tools to help you “Play Bigger” and be at the Summit of your industry. Stop the grind and enjoy the climb!