Barbara Foulkrod

Based in Raleigh, NC

Also serving SC  and willing to travel nationally


Life is too short to not love what you do and who you do it with–especially if you own the company.

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Barb is a passionate lifelong learner. She sits on the Pinnacle Worldwide Leadership Team. She has well over 1,000 hours leading business operating systems with non-profit teams who are willing to learn and grow. Additionally, she serves as an EO Accelerator Mentor encouraging sustainable growth for small business owners.

She earned a Duke University certification in Nonprofit Leadership which includes the 8 key areas of nonprofit management. She honed her skills building and leading a world-class nonprofit at Hope Reins over the last decade. Hope Reins’ successful internal framework is now shared worldwide through their Headquarters for Hope Program.

Barb is a sought-after workshop presenter in the areas of Team Health, Building a Thriving Culture and the Importance of Measuring Impact in Nonprofits.