Russ Sorrells

Based in Charlotte, NC

Also serving South Carolina & Tennessee

Mission Statement

Most businesses have no formal growth planning process. I work with executive teams to implement a business operating system so that leadership can grow and scale a profitable business that consistently delivers meaningful impact on team members and customers.
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Why do business leaders choose Russ as their Leadership Team Guide?

– 27 years of real world business leadership experience.
– Diverse industry business experience including: manufacturing, medical, & consumer.
– Multiple seven figure businesses owned & operated w/ successful exits.
– Eight years of business operating system experience with implementation & execution.
– Directly involved in over $250M in product sales throughout my career.
– Specialties include operating system implementation & sales leadership.

Business has three components – Get Work, Do Work, and Get Paid. Simple right? Then people show up – employees, clients, and vendors. How do we get work? How do efficiently execute in delivering our work? How do we get paid on-time, every time? My businesses were a hot mess until I discovered the power of an operating system. After implementing the system it all changed for me. I had peace of mind and a greater feeling of freedom. I was able to get back to doing the work that I enjoyed. Now I get to free fellow entrepreneurs from the burden of chaos that results from a lack of systems that keep the team focused on keeping the main thing the main thing.