Marla Matlock

Based in Iowa

Also serving Illinois, Missouri, and willing to travel

Personal Quote

“We are unstoppable when we believe in ourselves.”

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I am a BELIEVER that growth and success come from never-ending learning, the people you surround yourself with, the tools in your hands, hard work + focus + determination, and faith that we are unstoppable when we believe in ourselves.

My vision is to guide leaders and organizations to transform how they strategize, act, and operate to grow and surpass their goals faster than they ever thought possible.

During my professional career, I’ve been successful in connecting business needs, people, processes, and technology to deliver bottom-line results. At the beginning of my career, I became a master at evaluating business processes, simplifying them, and automating them through technology to deliver operational efficiencies. At one point, I led an Army digital equipment initiative which resulted in millions of dollars saved and senior leadership receiving an award at the Pentagon. My professional career advanced, and I soon discovered I had a unique ability to connect the often complicated side of technology with the people side of business. After completing a very successful multi-million dollar project to implement a new business operating system, new engineering framework, and new configuration technologies, my purpose was confirmed and my passion for working with business leaders to transform their businesses began.

I started MJM Consulting to expand my reach and help more business owners transform and grow their businesses. Using a proven framework that focuses on people, purpose, playbooks, performance and profit, I guide them to believe in their business, believe in their people, surpass their goals and become unstoppable.

If you are a business owner with more than a handful of employees and have a true desire to transform and grow your business but feel stuck, pull me into your circle and I will guide you and your business to become unstoppable.