Kelly Renz

Based in Wisconsin

Also serving Illinois, South Carolina, & Georgia

Guiding Principle

Better Business + Better Team = Better Life

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Kelly is CEO of inVantage, a company she founded to fulfill her “Noble Purpose”: Create an environment around me where others can realize and reach their potential.

As an experienced entrepreneurial leader who has built and sold multiple organizations (and lived all the incredible, glorious wins, and the challenging lows that go with that journey), Kelly has never been one to conform to conventional business practices. Her innate desire to challenge the status quo and a relentless drive for better results influences how she approaches her work. One of her CEO colleagues would say she could see around corners. And she believes that is possible – there is an art and science to running a business and she subscribes to building accountability to achieve results.

She became a Pinnacle Business Guide®, and Authorized Partner Everything DiSC® because she enjoys working with leadership teams to get more of what they want from their businesses, with her clients growing a minimum of 15% each year. Over the past decade, Kelly has worked with dozens of organizations to improve their results, while also building a culture that is much more rewarding and fun. It is not an easy journey to become a top performing company, but in the end the view is incredible.

inVantage lives its core values with every client:


  • Live Fully and Tackle the Climb
  • Benevolent Connectors of People
  • Abundance Minded
  • Say It, Do It