Forth Heffner

Based in Southern Pines, SC

Also serving North Carolina & Georgia

Opening Statement

My Pinnacle clients reach heights they never thought possible, have a great time doing it, and build incredible teams on the way!

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I wasn’t a great student. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones that knew from a young age ‘what I wanted to be when I grew up.’ My discovery came through lots of trials and mistakes, but I’m here. God put something inside of me that just needed some time to germinate, and that was helping business leaders.

I wake up every day and work with leadership teams helping them to reclaim the hope and joy that drove them into leadership. I’m good at this because I was one of them years ago. I worked in, and ran, a family business with my brother after my Dad’s passing in 2011. We were tragically unprepared for his departure, so much so that we didn’t even have check-writing privileges to pay payroll and expenses. That was the lowest low, and I was determined to never find myself in that place again, and to help other companies that were experiencing something similar.

Our family business was rewarding, but very grueling. We worked in a somewhat commoditized industry with small margins and a race to the bottom. We were in a position to help people grow, but we weren’t going to achieve wealth until we sold our equity. So, I took my chunk and began working with leadership teams right away. It’s been the greatest professional decision of my life.

I’m married to the most selfless person I’ve ever known and she’s given me the three greatest gifts of my life. I love to spend time with them almost anywhere, but mostly in the mountains of North Carolina as close as I can get to Appalachian State University Football!