Emi Kubota

Based in North Carolina

also serving South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia
and open to travel nationally

Favorite Quote

“Live out of your imagination,
not your history.”
                    – Stephen Covey

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I love working with leadership teams to move the organization Up and to the Right! This includes improvements in sales, profitability, and organizational health. With 20 years of leadership experience in my family business and my own startup, I am passionate about guiding companies as they align visions, streamline processes, and drive growth on their Path to the Pinnacle.

I spent 15+ years as the Integrator in my family business, Green Sprouts, an eco-friendly baby brand. As part of the executive leadership team, we grew the company from $5M to $20M and achieved a successful exit. I founded KidCycle Club, a bike school powering confidence and connection in kids of all ages. Here, I discovered my passion for coaching.

My core values of Presence, Authenticity, Curiosity, Compassion, and Acceptance guide my commitment to helping leadership teams thrive.

If you’re seeking a dedicated coach to align your vision, streamline your processes, and drive growth, let’s climb together.