Dan Coleman

Based in California

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“When Value is Clear, Decisions are Easy.”

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I spent my twenties satisfying a thirst to learn by collecting college degrees. In my thirties and forties, I built and sold two companies and learned the game of business, including the skinned knees and occasional stitches. But this thirst for growth and improvement never left me. And the more I learned about business, the more I wanted to learn.

Soon, I found myself embarking on the next chapter – helping others as a business guide & coach. After rising through the ranks to become a leading EOS implementer in North America, I continued to collect effective business tools and processes anywhere I could find them – Whether culture systems, leadership skills, company structure, role planning, goals alignment, strategy mapping, and beyond. These best-in-class tools and frameworks now form my client’s custom “business operating system” which allows them to break through new ceilings and build the company they’ve always dreamed about.

While I’d love to take credit for all of it, the truth is success is achieved by the leadership team who systematically implements the right tools at the right time. And I’m great with that. I am the coach, not the player – and it’s a role I love. I train, nurture and support leadership teams to organize their business and create the company they’ve always wanted.