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Delegate solutions

We are a delegation company that helps visionary leaders and their teams free up their time for more impactful work. We help them figure out what and how to delegate, and then provide the ongoing support they need to truly master delegation through our system, service, trainings and community. Our fractional virtual executive assistant support program is designed to proactively take things off your plate with our proprietary delegation system. Our teamed approach ensures you always have the support you need, and our 30 day money back guarantee ensures no risk to get started. In addition to our support program, we also offer cohort style delegation training courses and consulting and a free community for Admins.

Emily Morgan

we free up time


Fractional virtual executive admin support, starting at an hour a day with a teamed approach and 30 day money back guarantee


Our proprietary delegation system designed to proactively take things off your plate and includes training courses and consulting for leaders and their teams at any phase of their delegation journey


Access to our Elevated Admin Community – a free community built to serve the admins you work with

Process Optimizer

Are you solving the same issues again and again? The majority of issues entrepreneurial organizations face are rooted in either people or process. And if your processes have not been defined, optimized, documented and delegated, you aren’t giving your people one of the most important tools they need to do their job well – your Business Playbook. Our team of expert facilitators will help your clients define, document and optimize your core processes so you’ll have consistent outcomes, happy employees, delighted clients, and increased profitability. Contact Process Optimizer today!

Brett Barker

go from chaos to consistency


Documentation in 9 days vs. 9 months or more on your own


On-going accountability coaching and support plus increased employee engagement and ownership


Lean lens and mindset from the client perspective

summit Virtual CFO by anders

Summit Virtual CFO by Anders is and has been the leading provider of Virtual CFO Services since 2002. Often our team will work alongside a Pinnacle Guide taking ownership of the company’s financial health. Our CFOs meet from weekly to semi-monthly with clients covering topics like financial forecasting, cash flow management, financial statement and KPI review, pipeline review, and more. Although we have set meetings with our clients, we make ourselves available for the client in their time of need. During the pandemic it was common for our CFOs to meet with our clients several times a week going over multiple financial models to ease their minds and so they could make informed decisions rather than knee jerk reactions. So, you could say Summit’s purpose is to take ownership of the financials so the business owner can take ownership of their business. Summit Virtual CFO by Anders provides Virtual CFO Services throughout North America with a fully remote team.

Jody Grunden

dynamic financial forecasting


KPI Management and Pipeline Management


Financial Statement Preparation and Tax Planning Preperation


Cash Flow Management and Job Profitability Management


VisionSpark is dedicated to transforming entrepreneurial companies through our unique tools and approach, ensuring “the right people are in the right seats.” We help your clients Hire With Confidence™ to take their company to the next level. VisionSpark is a retained hiring partner with a fixed fee approach to hiring Second In Command and Leadership level seats. We take the fear out of hiring with our full, retained, Leadership Search Proven Process which includes defining the role, market the position, screen and objectively evaluate top candidates with the VisionSpark proprietary leadership interview and assessment. We offer a guarantee and can customize to meet your clients’ hiring needs. VisionSpark is passionate about helping entrepreneurial companies make better people decisions in order to hit their 1, 3 and 10 year goals!

Kat Lockhart

Right Search, Right Team, Right Seat™


VisionSpark is a retained hiring partner with a fixed-fee approach


Full, retained, 2IC search including defining the role, market and attract candidates, screen, and objectively evaluate top candidates with our proprietary leadership interview and assessment


Additional customized Team Health tools to get the most out of your current teams!

pivotal advisors

We help companies build sales engines that allow their companies to grow and scale. Many companies get to a certain level in their growth and plateau because they don’t have the right focus, are poor at hiring/onboarding salespeople, don’t have repeatable processes and are run by someone who was a good salesperson, but has not learned sales leadership skills. That’s where we come in helping them build a Sales Operating System that can help them get growth going again.

Gary Braun

fractional sales management


Sales Leader Peer Groups


Sales Advisors Services (working 1-on-1 with their sales leader)


Sales Training

STS Capital Partners

At STS, we understand that selling a business is never just a transaction—it’s an emotional and psychological journey. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve been in your shoes and we’re here to guide you through the process so you can achieve your own extraordinary exit.

With our unique experience and capabilities, we’re able to realize true potential value in three distinct ways: being your expert guides along the sales journey; ensuring you achieve maximum financial value by selling to strategic buyers; and supporting you in creating a lasting legacy.

We’re the sell-side strategic guides, here to help you achieve your own extraordinary exits.

Megan Burns

Your expert guides to selling your business

Enabling you to achieve maximum financial value

Achieving maximum multiples and facilitating legacy potential


Every business needs to document and organize their processes in order to scale. And if your clients use Google Docs or SharePoint but struggle with finding documents, inconsistent information, and lack of accountability, Trainual is the solution.

Trainual’s built-in AI lets you generate new processes and policies with a click. Our tracking and reporting ensure full accountability, and everything is perfectly organized in one place.

Even better, with Trainual’s AI search, you can ask any question about your content, like “How many days of PTO do I get?” and get an instant answer!

We have a full implementation team to get your clients up and running and a world-class support team ready to assist.

Don’t forget, all Pinnacle Guides receive a free Trainual account for their own use! Contact Diane below to learn more and get set up!”

Diane Adams

Painless Process Documentation


Capture & organize the knowledge in your business


Save time & resources on training


Streamline operations across your business