Pinnacle Has A New Book!

Jul 12, 2022

– Steve Preda and Greg Cleary 

Pinnacle: Five Principles that Take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain

Do you own a small business with more than a handful of employees? Are you frustrated that your organization has flatlined? Do you feel drained by working long hours and only dreaming of having an energized team ready to step up and lead? Do you nurse an ambition to scale your business into one that dominates its niche? Are you concerned that time is running out and you may never fulfill your dreams?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are holding the right book in your hands.

Look at somebody who is fit: they have a system. Look at somebody who has a great marriage: they have a system. Look at somebody who has great kids: they have a system.

So, is there a system that enables you, the entrepreneurial risk-taker, to acquire the business skills and structure you need to play bigger and dramatically grow your privately held business, without getting an MBA?

Welcome to the Pinnacle journey!

We have created a formula that is applicable for any company, while still being customizable for your business. We believe that there are five things you need to obsess about as an entrepreneurial leader. These are: People, Purpose, Playbooks, Perform and Profit.

We have broken these principles down to fifteen practices that help you clarify and implement the five Pinnacle Principles in your business. Dive in to learn what these are and how they can make your company unstoppable.

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Testimonies and Reviews

“When one reaches for the highest, they must be touched by the soul of it! Read this book deeply.”
Michael E. Gerber, Creator The E-Myth Revisited

“This book is remarkable. Growing your business is hard work and, with many moving parts, business owners rarely have full visibility on what needs to be done. Pinnacle distills countless hours of thinking across many different disciplines and delivers only the essentials you need to build a great growing company. I’m confident you’ll keep coming back to it time and time again until you reach the top. Get it, read it and apply it.”
David Jenyns – Founder of SYSTEMology

“Pinnacle is the definitive guide for leaders who want to build a great company: A company that achieves superior financial results; makes a distinctive impact to its customers, employees, and community; and is built to succeed beyond the influence of a founder. This book represents a rare blend of the key principles and the “how” to actually apply those principles to a company of any size. This book will forever change you, your leadership team, and your organization.”
Luke Carlson, CEO, Discover Strength

“This is a must read for privately-held growth-focused companies. Steve and Greg combine the concepts of the greatest business minds of our generation with the real-life success stories of business owners who have implemented their five principles. I’ve seen how effective these concepts are in my own company; I’m confident others will benefit and enjoy the climb!”
Kristi Piehl, Founder and CEO, Media Minefield

“The authors have brought together the greatest minds in business management and leadership and distilled their ideas into an easy-to-understand roadmap, applying their insights honed through years of advising companies of all sizes and industries.”
Jon Ryan, President of Genz-Ryan Plumbing and Heating


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