Truman Weston

Based in Boise, Idaho

also serving Utah and Northern California


For any entrepreneur, an essential element of a thriving life, is a thriving business.
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For the past decade, I have worked with hundreds of business owners as a trusted advisor and CPA. I have had hundreds of meetings with business owners. Here is the TRUTH: Those with a vision and a plan to execute on that plan in a consistent way, enjoy growth and success. On the other side, those business owners that showed up each day and let their email inbox and other “fires” control their day, always feel frustrated with their businesses and lack real progress towards their most important goals.

As a pinnacle guide, it is so fun to provide a framework and cadence to businesses that want more focus, accountability and discipline. To make the climb, you will need to create a powerful team, inspire them with a passionate purpose, utilize clear playbooks and optimize for performance and profits. That feels good. That is what creates a thriving business. I believe that momentum carries into all aspects of an entrepreneur’s life and helps them be the most powerful version of themselves as a spouse, parent, team member and friend. That is the power of a thriving business. That is a climb worth taking. The view from the pinnacle is well worth the effort, well worth the investment. It is everything.

As a guide, I absolutely love to support businesses that want to level up. I believe the best way to do this is by creating a custom plan to stay focused, accountable, and execute with action week in and week out. It might not seem sexy, but the results will feel amazing.

There are LOTS of business coaches out there, however; there is only one Truman that can bring The Pinnacle Path to your business expedition. Time to grow and enjoy your business more than you ever thought possible.