Steve Preda

Serving Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina & Pennsylvania

Mission Statement

I love helping leadership teams align, make their business grow, and discover the untapped potential of their company.

I help growth-seeking, and open-minded owners of privately held businesses ascend to the Pinnacle of their mountain.

I particularly enjoy working with B2B service businesses, technology enabled companies, and businesses in the construction/engineering space. I love helping visionary entrepreneurs unshackle themselves from daily operations.

I grew a consulting business to market leadership by implementing the concepts of The E-myth and Traction/EOS management blueprints. After selling my company to a private equity group, I dedicated myself to becoming a business guide and discover and teach the climbing tools small businesses can use to shortcut their way to the top.

Having run and sold an investment banking firm, I can help you create a sellable business. I have written four books on the subject, including: Buyable – Your Guide to Building a Self-Managing, Fast-Growing and High-Profit Business and Pinnacle: Five Principles that take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain, with Gregory Cleary.

I interview entrepreneurs about their experiences applying business frameworks on the weekly Management Blueprint Podcast.

I invite you to check out my podcast and books and call me to talk about what YOU would like to accomplish.