Richard Palmer-Smith

Based in Denver, CO

Favorite Quote

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right! ”

– Henry Ford

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I have been an entrepreneur and business owner all my life.

I started my first company in high school: a window cleaning service. I learned the basics of business: selling, marketing, running the books, and keeping the customer happy. The business did well and with the profits, coupled with scholarships, I paid for 100% of my college education.

In college, I started my second company: a construction business. I grew it quickly and specialized in doing the meticulous, custom interior woodworking in multi-million dollar homes, leading teams of up to 40 workers.

I am well aware of the world of demanding clients, hard deadlines, and complex issues.

It was while I growing the business that my wife, Evelyn, was diagnosed with what would be terminal cancer. Suddenly, I had to go home and have the really hard conversations that no one wants.

They weren’t just with doctors and nurses. They were with her family, with her son, and with her.

Those experiences fundamentally changed my approach to life and business.

What I wanted, was to have a bigger impact in the world. So I took his skills of helping teams work together, coupled with his ability to walk into difficult situations and have hard conversations, to help them solve issues that matter.

Today as a co-founder of Pinnacle, I get to do work that I love with people I love and help them make a huge difference.