Paul Tetreault

Serving Detroit area & Great Lakes Region

Favorite Quote

“In each life there are two lives, and the second life begins when we realize we only have one.”

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My life experience has provided me perspectives to help clients see issues in a different light. I am the middle child of a working family of nine and have worked since I was 14, going to college and law school at night while working as a janitor during the day. I started a company with two partners that grew to 100+ employees, sold this business to a NYSE company, returned my net worth to purchase our company back from a bankrupted estate, sold it one year later to a privately held, multi-billion dollar company, and managed five businesses with $100M in revenue and 200+ employees. I have been coaching clients since 2012 and have facilitated 250+ client sessions. My story contains many victories and a few painful failures, but this provided an abundance of experience that served my teams well. Somewhere in this life, I have been in your shoes and I know how to constructively drill into the real issues to help your team find the most effective answers. Coaching leaders to reach their potential is grounded in my belief that people desire to work hard, they want to be part of a winning team and they want to be empowered to impact the company. I love the relationship aspect of my work, I love the work I do and I welcome the opportunity to determine if we are a fit to do some great work together.