Kyle Breischaft

Based in Raleigh, NC

Also serving AZ, CO, & willing to travel nationally

Mission Statement

Growing Leaders that Grow Companies

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Kyle is an experienced and effective Leadership Team Coach, Business Guide, and Trusted Advisor to over 60 growing businesses. He has more than 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, allowing him to speak from real-world experience, not theory. He has the scars on his back from the ups and downs of growing a business: everything from sweating making payroll to failed business partnerships to mergers and acquisitions experience. This experience allows him to be a more realistic and practical coach. 

Kyle believes in action, accountability, and results. He becomes an integral part of the client’s leadership team, growing the leaders and building their success, leading to a better experience and better results.

Kyle started his coaching career as a Certified EOS Implementer. His passion for learning and thirst for knowledge led him to add other industry-leading credentials, including the following certifications:
• Certified Pinnacle Business Guide (Founding Member)
• Certified Scaling Up Coach
• Certified EOS Implementer™ (2014-2021)
• Certified Forum Sherpa Facilitator
• Kolbe Assessment Certification 

Kyle is one of the few business coaches in the world to hold all of these certifications simultaneously. He shares his vast knowledge of the best systems, tools, and processes, along with his experience in the trenches of the entrepreneurial world, to help his clients bring their dreams to reality.

His next step in helping fellow entrepreneurs realize success is founding a boutique coaching firm. Unite Advisors that leverage a full arsenal of best-in-class Tools, Systems, Processes, and Coaches, focusing on the following areas of the business:
• Strategy & Vision
• People & Process
• Execution & Accountability • Data & Scoreboards
• Growth & Profitability

Learn more about Kyle by viewing the Unite Advisors Overview on YouTube: