James Ashcroft

Based in Austin, TX

What I Do

I help business leadership teams scale their companies.

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James Ashcroft was born in England, raised in Florida, and became a Texan. He’s owned and operated businesses for the past 20 years, and is nowa Certified Pinnacle Business Guide (he was previously a Certified EOS™ Implementer). James is a member of the Board of Austin’s Entrepreneurs’Organization (currently EO Austin President-Elect), has been featured in Success magazine, and loves making an impact in his community. He helps leadership teams create clear company visions, improve team health, and execute on a regular cadence. In other words…grow & scale!

Why is he so passionate about being a business coach?

Because James believes that coaching is the best way to rapidly get what you want out of life. You see,as an entrepreneur, he spent years struggling to scale his business. He had big goals and visions, but felt stuck and unsure of how to get there.

He was frustrated that his team didn’t “get it”. That they couldn’t “see” what he saw. He felt stressed, frustrated, and let his health deteriorate. It all felt so hard.

In 2012, he had an epiphany – he realized the way he ran his life (and business) was unsustainable. He decided to take drastic action toget his head on straight. He quit drinking. He got up off the couch, lost 40 pounds, invested in a coach, and finished the 2013 Ironman FloridaTriathlon. All within 12 months.

If you ask him now, he’ll tell you there is no way he could have finished the Ironman Triathlon without his coach. His coach had a system that could give James the results he wanted, as long as he followed the process. No more trying to figure out what worked and reinventing the wheel countless times. All James had to do was show up and work the plan. Follow the framework.
With this clarity in mind, he realized the same principle could be applied to the business world. He started investing in masterminds and learned that most success follows frameworks. He joined peer groups and hired coaches in all areas of his life. He sold his business and started mentoring other entrepreneurs in his community.

He later earned the highest certification as a Certified EOS™ Implementer (expired 2021) and then became a Certified Pinnacle Business Guide — so he could help his clients reach the same epiphany about success producing frameworks that he’d discovered years ago.