Doug Tenpas

Based in Minnesota & San Diego, CA

Serving MN, CA, NY & willing to travel nationally

My Experience

My four decades of experiences taught me about leadership, how to make decisions, the importance of a great leadership team, the value of execution and the significance of a work life balance.

The most important thing I can tell you is that I have walked in your shoes. I have dealt with adversity and success. I have worked the 70-hour workweek, I know the guilt of missing a child’s school event.

I know this to be true from over forty years of experience, there is a better and easier way to run an exceptional business. One that results in maximum profitability. Enables Life Work Integration for the entire leadership team. Work should be both rewarding and enjoyable! You can have extraordinary results AND a great family Life.

My expertise is helping people and companies grow through focused strategic planning combined with best-in-class operational execution.

I choose to work with a limited number of clients. I seek out Leadership Teams that will not settle for anything other than being the best. If you are ready to change your life and have fun again, we should discuss how we can make it happen.