David Gazzo

Based in Wisconsin

also serving Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and willing to travel nationally

Favorite Quote

“Ordinary things,
consistently done,
produce extraordinary results”

            – Keith Cunningham

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David is a senior executive with over 30 years’ experience and leadership in highly demanding manufacturing environments.  Originally from Spain, David came to the U.S. in 2002 to work as an engineer for a recently established subsidiary of a German Group in the automotive industry. Three years later David was offered the opportunity to lead the U.S division when it was still small, only 10 employees and barely profitable. A dozen years later the company had multiplied revenue and employees by 10-fold.

At a certain point during this journey, David saw the signs indicating that the company was hitting a ceiling. That’s when he decided to implement EOS, a Business Operating System. EOS helped to get everyone rowing in the same direction, instilled focus, discipline, and accountability and to create a functional and cohesive leadership team. A few years later EOS started to show limitations and the team decided to implement the next evolution: Pinnacle.

Pinnacle allowed David and his team to continue their relentless climb. Since 2005, the company showed continued growth with only two valleys: 2009 (financial crisis) and 2020 (COVID) and always with healthy profits, no exceptions.

If you feel you have hit a ceiling, contact David. He can guide you through the implementation of Pinnacle to create a structure and a focused team. You will gain freedom and grow faster than you thought possible by applying the highest impact in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort.  

David lives in Wisconsin with his French wife, two Wisconsin born kids and a rescue dog. At home, they frequently switch from English to French to Spanish to dog barking. David loves sports and learning, either by reading, listening, or watching.