Christopher M. Bowles

Based in Minneapolis, MN

Also serving Wisconsin, South Carolina,
and willing to travel US, Europe, and Albania

Favorite Quote:

The sure path to oblivion is to stay where you are.
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Struggling with slim profit margins, fluctuating revenues, or leadership and operational hurdles? I’m here to guide you to smoother growth, reducing stress and boosting profits.

My journey from sales rep to President at Homes for Heroes involved transforming a regional player into a national leader, growing our team to 4,000 and managing $8 billion in annual volume. This experience granted me deep insights into scaling businesses.

Now, my focus is on elevating businesses like yours. I’ve doubled a marketing agency’s sales with one strategic change, led firms in real estate, tech, and services to multiple 8-figure growth, and helped sectors like boutique resorts and retail dominate markets, achieving over $100M in sales.

My diverse background – from a U.S. Marine to a congressional staffer and a global law firm’s HR leader, even a professional ballroom dancer – informs my unique approach, combining strategy with creativity.

Partnering with me offers more than guidance; you gain a collaborator dedicated to unlocking your company’s, team’s, and personal potential. Together we’ll build the business you desire, enabling you to live your life on your terms. Ready for transformative growth? Let’s connect and craft your unique success story.