Chris Meso

Based in the Detroit Metro Tri-County Area

Opening Statement

I work closely with business owners who are forward thinking, have an abundance mindset, and believe in themselves.

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Bootstrapped 5-businesses from the ground up over 33-years to include a specialty service company in 1989 which launched 9-warehouse offices in 6-states, ultimately running 7-distinct business models to become one of the largest privately held portable and temporary specialty HVAC business serving the commercial and industrial markets in the Midwest. Sold in 2015.

Stayed to bolt on my largest geographic competitor and a industrial specialty products manufacturer. Devoted the next 2-years to develop and release disruptive products into our market space and to cultivate a new leadership team to operate the company. Sold in late 2017. Invested into the next successful sale which was completed in late 2019.

Today, through the Pinnacle Business System, I work closely with business owners who might be 5-25 years into running their business and might be a little frustrated or even stuck. These same owners that are forward looking, who have an abundance mindset and believe in themselves that are seeking a better company vision and life balance. I work with those business owners that know that failure is not an option with the years that have been put into their life dreams.