Chad Nikkel

Based in Scottsdale, AZ

Also serving Texas, Colorado, and Utah

Personal Quote

“Your entrepreneurial aspirations are not just achievable; they’re imminent.”

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Chad is a mastermind in business growth, offering unparalleled guidance for entrepreneurs aiming to elevate their ventures. As a seasoned entrepreneur with a history of founding and scaling 11 businesses, including 7 acquisitions and 4 high-value exits, he brings a depth of experience unmatched in the entrepreneurial sphere.

His journey features a series of innovative startups across diverse industries, underlining his adaptability, creativity, and leadership. Chad’s versatile approach is a hallmark of his coaching style, providing you with comprehensive and actionable insights.

With an engineering background from Kansas State University, Chad blends analytical rigor with creative thinking. His expertise covers marketing management, negotiation, business planning, and operations management, positioning him as a holistic guide for your business journey.

Chad believes in the joy of entrepreneurship and is committed to helping you overcome challenges such as rapid scaling, people management, and fostering accountability. His implementation of the Pinnacle Business Guides Approach will help empower your organization to truly be Elite.

Drawing from years of direct experience and success, Chad understands the challenges and exhilarations of entrepreneurship. He’s navigated through tough times and emerged with strategies essential for business triumphs.

More than a coach, Chad is a strategic ally in your pursuit of business mastery. His advice is precisely aligned with your immediate and long-term goals, introducing a new level of accountability to your leadership team.

Join Chad in your journey to the summit of your Business Mountain. Under his stewardship and the Pinnacle Business Guides Approach, your entrepreneurial aspirations are not just achievable; they’re imminent.